A Frame 2.0 Replacement Lens

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Lens:  Dark Grey (59-677)
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  • Oakley A Frame Lenses
  • Oakley A Frame lenses are up to the task. Engineered to offer the ultimate combination of color balance, visual contrast and light filtering, these tinted lenses can help mountain adventurers handle fluctuating brightness levels.
  • A Frame Replacement Lens Features
  • What makes the Oakley A Frame lens stand out? This line of comprehensive lenses is designed with several performance-enhancing features, such as:
  • Lenses matching specially engineered base tints with unique Iridium® coatings + The ability to tune, contrast and balance light transmission to the finest detail
  • Oakley A Frame goggle replacement lenses are typically used to replace standard goggle lenses for a higher quality result. Their tinted base and premium light transmission handling offer unmatched visibility. As any avid snowboarder or skier will know, improved visibility can make all the difference when you're up in the mountains.
  • When you're installing or removing the A Frame replacement lens, use particular care. Scratched lenses aren't covered by Oakley's warranty policy and cannot be returned.
  • Ready to up your game on the slopes? Add the Oakley A Frame 2.0 lens to your goggles for the ultimate upgrade to your mountain gear kit. Blizzards and brightness are no match for these tinted lenses. We offer a variety of colors in standard A Frame fit for your preference.
Finding the right eyewear for the slopes can be a challenge. You want protection without compromising on performance. As a result, high-quality lenses that can handle wildly fluctuating visibility on the mountain are critical. Whether you're dealing with full-blown blizzards or blindingly bright sunlight reflecting off the snow, you need glasses that can offer the ultimate visibility while keeping your eyes safe from sun damage.

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  • SKU: wm-OK15-Oakley-A-Frame-2.0-Snow-Goggle-Replacement-Lens
  • Style #: Oakley A Frame 2.0 Snow Goggle Replacement Lens
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  • Season: 2015-2016

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