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Boot Carrier Strap

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  • Boot Carrier Strap
  • Add an Alpine Ski Boot Carrier Strap to your winter toolkit for easier ski gear transportation. To use the boot strap, simply slide the end-loops through the buckles, and there you have it — an easy shoulder transport or a convenient handle to carry your equipment. Wide straps ensure a solid fit for boots of any size.
  • This simple addition promises to be a game-changer for your next ski trip. When you factor in bulky winter apparel, skis and poles, you've got a hefty amount to carry up or down the hill. Lighten your load with a strategically placed ski boot carrier.
  • The strategic design can sit comfortably at waist level, making for an easy over-the-shoulder hold. A sturdy design keeps boots securely in place, preventing them from falling off into the snow and getting wet.
  • A lightweight design: The Alpine ski boot holder strap features a light tote design that's easy to fold and put away in a bag or pocket.
  • Durable material: Enjoy tough, high-quality stitching and strong nylon for a strap that can last through many future ski adventures.
  • Gear protection: The lightweight nature of the boot carrier strap will help your ski boots stay safe from premature wear and tear, keeping them performance-ready for the long haul.
  • Added convenience: Climb or descend the slopes with a free pair of hands. When it's not in use, the compact strap can easily be stored in a jacket pocket until you're ready to head down the mountain.

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