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Men's Excavator Snowboard

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  • BAP Core - A tri-blend wood core harnesses the rebound, strength, and feel of sustainably harvested Bamboo, Aspen, and Paulownia timber species.
  • Biax Glass - A fiberglass weave intersecting at 90º angles provides just the right amount of torsional flexibility and strength.
  • Carbon DarkWeb™ - Carbon stringers extend at 45º angles from the inserts in an “X” pattern, adding responsiveness and stability at all speeds.
  • OllieBar™ - A pre-cambered carbon inlay centered between the inserts specifically designed to add snap and pop to every ollie and takeoff.
  • Hybritech™ Sidewall Construction - A K2 exclusive. By transitioning from a P-Tex sidewall into a capped construction in the tip and tail of our snowboards, we are able to reduce waste while giving our snowboards better energy transfer and making them more durable than our competitors.
  • Sintered 4000 Base - Hard, fast, and durable, our Sintered Base material holds wax better that extruded materials increasing speed and glide.

Classic round tip and tail shapes are paired with a longer effective edge to help reduce swing weight and allow your 152cm board to feel more like a 155cm, essentially engaging a “cheat mode” that makes the board more maneuverable than ever. Our tri-blend BAP Core is wrapped in triaxial fiberglass and topped with our Carbon DarkWeb™ and Ollie Bar™, adding extra pop for ollies over slow-signs and speeding up edge-to-edge transitions.

On the graphic side, we were lucky enough to work with UK-based contemporary artist (and professional skateboarder) Nick Jensen. Using plaster, a mold of Jake’s body was created piece by piece, and then assembled vertically to create a statue. Nick shipped us a large-scale painting from London to Vancouver, British Columbia (where Jake calls home), and we photographed the statue in front of the painting for the Medium’s base, and a separate portion of the painting was shot for the graphic on the topsheet. 

The end result is an absolute ripper of a freestyle snowboard that with a unique aesthetic for mobbing park, street, or ANY terrain the resort has to offer.

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